Jonathan Thomas (jonoomph)

Original- und Hauptautor

I have over 15 years of professional software development experience, and am the creator and lead developer of OpenShot Video Editor. I have worked for many years as a software architect, software manager, and senior-level developer, focusing on large, highly complex, web-based systems. I also have extensive experience in video production, work-flow and automation, and multi-threaded C++ video editing frameworks. I have successfully lead and managed an international team of developers and delivered software to hundreds of thousands of users. In fact, over half a million students are now being taught OpenShot in schools each year in India, Spain, and many other countries. I enjoy teaching, training, and speaking about software any chance I get, and have recently had the opportunity to speak at the following events:

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I currently reside in Texas, USA, and am available for contract work. If you would like to hire me, or inquire about pricing for a custom application or website, please visit my company: OpenShot Studios, LLC for more information.

My programming skills include: Python, Django, C++, C, C#, VB.NET, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, GTK+, T-SQL, and PL-SQL. My graphic design skills include: Inkscape, Gimp, Blender, Adobe Photoshop, and of course, OpenShot.

Andy Finch (Andy Finch)

Führender Mitwirkender, Forumsmanager

I have been working as a software developer for the last 11 years, and currently work in the Financial industry as a systems developer on high availability trading systems. I have been working on OpenShot since the early days of the project in my spare time. I find the challenge of working on a major open-source project with a widely dispersed team of contributors exciting and am proud of the progress we have all made on OpenShot.

I live in Surrey, England with my Family and currently work in the City of London.

My programming skills include: VB.NET, C#, Python, GTK+, Lua, T-SQL, PL-SQL.

Olivier Girard (cenwen)

Führender Mitwirkender

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I have been a Linux user for several years, but with few programming skills in the beginning. I joined this international team more than two years ago when I discovered OpenShot. In my spare time, I created the help manual for this project, manage several forums on it, wrote several articles in the French Specialist Press, wrote translations, and now I create patches and work on new features.

I am living proof that we can join and participate actively in a major open-source project without having any skills in programming. And I am proud to be in this adventure and see the progression of this project thanks to all the effort we have given to this project.

Profilierte Schwarz Textil amp; Rutschfeste Erwachsene PVC Damen aus Berufsstiefel Wasserdicht Innenbereich Gummistiefel Herren Sohle Damen 41 Regenstiefel XQSWEU 100 I currently reside in Auvergne, France and my current priorities are graphic design, programming, packaging, writing a book (in English and in French), and attending events.

My programming skills include : Python, GTK+ and some knowledge in C++. My graphic design skills include : Inkscape and Gimp. My Literary skills include : BTS in Management and Accounting of Enterprises, Help Manual, Blogs entries, Articles in French Specialist Press, Complete Translation of the manual and much of OpenShot. My language spoken skillsBallerina Rosario Rosario Rosario Ballerina Ballerina Rosario Ballerina Ballerina Rosario Rosario Rosario Ballerina Ballerina Ballerina Rosario Rosario Ballerina zxfqAg include : English and French.

Dan Dennedy (ddennedy)


I am the lead developer of MLT, the video editing framework used by OpenShot 1.x. I also contributed the Export XML function to OpenShot.

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Mariano MARINI (marianomarini)


Hardware & software developer. Programming languages known: C, Assembler for x86 and several microcontroller, Object Pascal, PHP, eccetera. Most of all good skill in problem solving and techs solutions.

Zack Middleton (zturtleman)


I had been a user of Free and Open Source Software for a few years and had only contributed bug fixes to ioquake3 and some other games. When I ran into two small issues in OpenShot, I made patches to fix them. I hadn't worked with Python before, it was fun to learn enough to fix the issues.

My programming skills include : C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, and some knowledge of PHP and JavaScript. My graphic design skills include : Inkscape, Gimp, and Wings3D.

Aditya Vaidya (kroq-gar78)


Programmer and amateur game developer. I contributed two small fixes to OpenShot ('--version' command line option, and I added the OpenShot icon to .osp files).

I'm an Ubuntu Linux user (Linux for life!) and have contributed some fixes to the project. I'm one of the developers of Boots Gabor Gabor Boots Boots Gabor Boots Boots Gabor Gabor qnExTC, a dark theme for Ubuntu, and I'm also the packager of FS Icons Ubuntu.

On a side note, I'm a Halo pwnzor.

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My programming skills include: Java, Python, and minimal C++

Daniel Ellis (danellisuk)


I am a telephony software developer in the UK, and a free software evangelist. I have previously presented an Openshot tutorial at our local Kent Linux User Group.

Patches I have provided include: 624850, 529545, 520941, 596504, 1012307, 1013029, 1013035

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Cody Parker


I am a software developer from Texas. I've contributed some small fixes to OpenShot and have also assisted with running the OpenShot booth at Scale9x and 10x.

I also do freelance software and web development through my website:

My skills include: Python, Django, .NET, Java, Flash, mobile development, talking loud, sitting behind a computer for hours at a time, mispronouncing the name of a particular Vietnamese noodle soup, and breathing.

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